Queen Lade Womens Italian Sandal Set

Queen Lade Womens Italian Sandal Set

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Queen Lade Italian Designer Luxury Customizable Collection

Customizable Roberta Fabiano Designs.

100% Authentic Italian Leather with Rhinestone/ornaments.

 Made in Italy.

 2" flat heels

Colors can be customized for YOU!

 Featured: Red/Gold

 **Let's create your one of a kind unique design, made exclusively for your Outfit/Event.

Choose your desired color combination.

Call 317-771-3793 or send us a message with specifications.

 *Available for SPECIAL ORDERS only! Allow 4/5 weeks process/delivery estimated time.

 *Step out in Grand Syle at any Event in this Luxury Shoe Set. Worn as a Celebtant or just Celebrating with others, your unique accessories will Stand Out among the crowd ✨